Chile's Wine Regions Part 2

Chile's Wine Regions Part 2

Monday, December 19, 2011

chile: Elqui and Limari Valleys

Just last month I had the  priviledge of visiting Chile and experiencing its wine regions and diversity. Reading numerous wine books can give you geographic and climatic information however being there gives you a true understanding and new appreciation of what Chilean wines are all about.

If you love astronomy the northern region of the Elqui Valley  is the place to be! In addition it is also well known for UFO sightings! Although the region is not situated on the coast, the influences of the Pacific winds can be felt in the valley and the early morning fog reminded me of the Sonoma Valley in California. Falernia is a small family owned winery and a must try is the Carmenere/Syrah 2009.  Black Forrest Cake, dry cocoa and vanilla notes balance the rich body of this wine, its shines just as the stars do in the Elqui!

Should you elect to spend some time in La Serena you'll be astonished with the laid back attitude of the dogs! I'm sure this is where the phrase its a dogs life came from....



While in the Limari I had the pleasure of visitingTamaya. The view of the Andes is fabulous as were the cacti which speckle the hillsides.  Here I revisited the Tamaya Winemakers Selection Carmenere 2010. I was surprised to find dark sweet plum and blueberry pie notes with a finish of cocoa and dark chocolate and nicely balanced tanins. I was very impressed.

Should your taste of sauvignon blanc lie in the direction of the gooseberry and grassy notes, then the sauvignon blancs from the Elqui and Limari are also ones that you should explore.

My trip commenced with touring the northern wine regions of Chile and discovering a new appreciation of the wines. In addition I had to opportunity to try a true Pisco Sour which was awesome!
Check early in the New Year for more Chilean moments and recommendations.
Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

B.C. wines score well at Los Angeles competition

B.C. wines score well at Los Angeles competition

Canadian Wine News

The Ontario Wine Council has a new look these days, in fact it also has a new name. Check out their new web site and catch up on your old industry friends as well as making acquaintances with new.

In meantime check out the shelves at your local MLCC, you'll be please to see an expanded offerings. The presence of new labels may surprise you as we have a selection from Dirty Laundry, Flatrock Cellars, Vineland Estate and many more.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Foreign Affair Winery

I've had the pleasure to visit the winery and sample many of its wines. This winery uses a method of production that is not common in Canada, it is the appassimento method, which includes grape drying. Some wines are 100% appassimento while others include a smaller percentage . I've found that this method adds a complexity to the wine. Some wines from Foreign Affair have recently become available to the Manitoban market and include: Merlot, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. The winery has a great website, The Foreign Affair Winery, and technical tasting notes are available there. This is a relatively new winery in the Niagara region and if you're travelling in the area its a must visit in my books. I hope you enjoy the wines as much as I have...